Is it a good idea to begin with a Starter Kit?


Permit me to copy the answer from an e-mail inquiry:

  1. Before ordering the Benex Starter Kit, I would like to ask you if this is advantageous.

I recommend the complete set. It is worth it, as it contains the pole extractor which is used for extractions in the upper jaw (palatal root) or to remove deeply fractured root fragments.


  1. Does it make sense to buy such a kit before attending a hands-on course?

Yes, you can do the “course” online. Before using the Benex, I recommend you to spend an evening surfing on my website.


  1. Is there a possibility to see the system in use by a practitioner?

The local Zepf-Dental dealer can only provide you with a loan unit and help you.


  1. I have a “Piezosurgery 3” (which I stupidly need far too rarely): Does it make sense to buy a supplementary Benex System (which I hopefully will use more often)?

I can assure you that you will not want to miss the Benex any longer if you used it for 10 times. After two years you will even wonder what you ever did without it. Moreover, the Benex System does not have an expiration date. Your investment is profitable – if not for you, then for your successor!


  1. Don’t you really work anymore?

I don’t work in my own dental practice anymore.

                That would be a great pity!

Well, it also leaves a lot of time for everything you will not be able to catch up at the age of 75, e.g. taking care for your grandchildren, sports, culture, …

The younger generation and me, we could learn such a lot from your practical hints and your experience – e.g. as a kind of surgical coach.

This remark makes me happy, as over the next three years in my volume of work of 20% I will hold courses, perform operations in dental practices and assist in operations.