Dentist References

Dr. Sven Marcus Beschnidt, Germany

Benex - Gentle tissue management from the outset. The Benex extraction system allows minimally invasive extraction while conserving hard and soft tissue structures to the maximum. Very low extraction trauma (no bruising to the gums and bone) enables more predictable immediate implant placement.

Dr. Courier, Paris/France

"At the beginning I thought that it is a system which is not worthy of any special attention, but in the course of successes in extraction, the simplicity of the extraction, the preservation of bone substance, positive feedback from patients (a patient asked me to pull an additional root - that's how happy he was with the system) I was convinced to the contrary.  
This here is not gadgetry in the slightest, but an elegant extraction system enabling us to avoid an alveolectomy in many cases.”

Dr. Dietmar Weng, Starnberg/Germany

"If a socket's buccal hard and soft tissue is not to be compromised in the esthetic-critical area during extraction, the Benex extraction system is an almost unbeatable extraction tool in terms of its gentleness.”

Dr. Paulo Fernando M. de Carvalho, São Paulo/Brasil

"I've known the Benex System for 8 years and since then it has become an indispensable item in our surgical set: both in private practice and in our courses.

This innovative device allows a significant reduction of the trauma of hard/soft tissues and a decreasing surgical time, which are undoubted benefits to implantology at the current time.”

Dr. Claudio Cacaci, Munich/Germany

"The Benex extractor offers maximum protection to both the bone and soft tissue during the extraction due to its purely axial use and so provides optimal conditions for a subsequent implantation.”

Dr. Junichiro Maeda, Japan

"For extraction and immediate implant placement the Benex is a "must" as surrounding structures and the alveolar bones are completely preserved. During an extraction there is always the danger that the buccal wall or the alveolar cavity incurs damage which requires a lot of restoration work. The Benex system enables an extraction to be performed in the shortest time, without damaging bones or soft tissue, which also equally reduces the effort and strain of patient and doctor.”

Dr. Holmes Ortega, Madrid/Spain

„When using the Benex Extraction System the risk of fracture of the buccal wall is considerably reduced. The Benex Extraction System is an important tool for all specialists in order to preserve bone structures, but above all it is also very good for dentists with still little experience, as it facilitates the extraction and minimizes the risk of a trauma.”

Professor Dr. Gabriel Krastl, University of Wurzburg/Germany

"Benex opens new options in surgical extrusion of deeply destroyed teeth. It was demonstrated that when using vertical extrusion devices the probability of cementoblasts surviving on the root surface is significantly higher than when extracting with pliers while rotating the root. The state of vitality of these cells is key to determining whether the replanted tooth heals physiologically or ankyloses.”

Professor Dani Buser, Unversity Bern

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